What is web meetup?
Web meetup is just a virtual meeting implemented using videoconference tools. It can be meeting for any purpose: spreading your ideas, discussing interesting things, brainstorming, managing teams, online education, entertainment and much more.

The virtual meetings have some advantages over the real-world meetups. For example, you can hold meetings directly from your home, office or any other convenient place as often as you want without additional spendings on housing and trasportation. You can easily stay in touch with other people with common interests world-wide.
What is WebMeetups service?
WebMeetups is a service that allows you to discover or create virtual meetups. It allows you to create thematic community groups, plan your meetings, discuss agendas in comments, track your audience.

Your group will contain a full history of the previous activity including even YouTube recordings (if you wish).

High level of appearance customization together with minimalistic lightweight design will make your pages modern and nice looking.
Why do we use Google Hangouts?
Currently WebMeetups uses Google Hangouts as free videoconference tool. Google Hangouts is a high quality free tool which can be easily launched in every browser. Also Google Hangouts is delivered as convenient application for all modern platforms.

The main reasons of choice consist in the ability to make group video calls up to 10 participants and to save recordings directly to YouTube (in Hangouts on Air mode).

WebMeetups service is tightly integrated with Google Hangouts through Hangouts plugin. It allows to avoid any kind of annoying video chat URL copy-pasting. Also almost all people have Google account so we decided to implement the common and minimalistic sign up process (through Google) for the majority of users.
Why not just plain Google plus?
Although you can just simply use Google plus communities to organize your meetings, this approach has some obvious disadvantages.

For example, Google does not provide flexible reminders system for upcoming Hangouts for participants (in a day or in an hour before the event). Also Google communities feeds usually consist of much more stuff then just video meetings and it is not easy to filter out all this things to understand how many meetings had been held.

Google does not provide clear interface to explore and discover upcoming Hangouts. You can either browse through the list of Hangouts on air which are just started (but what is the point of watching or participating in something from the middle) or to search across communities trying random queries or hashtags.

Finally, the is no possibility to find out for the certain user the list of hangouts he was participated in.

WebMeetups service deals with all problems mentioned above.
How to create meetup?
First of all you have to create meetup group. Inside a group you can create as much meetups as you want. Set the time of meetup in your local time and the system will automatically convert it to the appropriate time for the users from different time zones. Currently meetup organizers may launch meetup only from desktop computers (due to some restrictions of Google Hangouts platform). Other participants can use every device they want.
How to join meetup?
One of the main features of WebMeetups platform is the ability to discover virtual meetups. Use Groups tab to browse through the meetup groups list finding the most interesting communities. Use Meetups tab to discover the next upcoming events. Use Community tab to look for meetup list of certain user.
Platform restrictions
Currently meetup organizers may launch meetup only from desktop computers (due to some restrictions of Google Hangouts platform). Other participants can use every device they want.

Also Google Hangouts allows to make video group video calls up to 10 participants. If the amount of participants for certain meetup exceeds the limit of 10 then only 10 users can join video chat while remaining users can watch YouTube translation and send chat questions to speakers in real time.

There are no any limitations on creation of public groups and meetups as well as there are no limitations for the number of group subscribers or meetup participants.
Should I pay for your service?
You can create as much public groups and meetups as you want for free. Participation in meetups is also free.
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